TOWNSEND -- Brynn and Molly Demeo have some big plans for this weekend. They'll be running a lemonade stand in downtown Townsend to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Brynn, 7, and Molly, 5, even have an official name for their stand: The CURE CF Lemonade Stand.

"The girls will be handing out free lemonade and chocolate chip cookies," said their mother, Jessica Demeo. The family lives in Ashby, but cars are few and far between in their rural neighborhood.

The McNabbs have agreed to have the stand in front of the pharmacy on Main Street on Sunday, May 19, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. or until the lemonade and cookies are gone.

"It's a great location," Demeo said.

The stand is one of events that Team Tiger, the fundraising group the Demeos belong to. On May 4, they participated in the Great Strides walk held in Mendon.

Team Tiger held an adult fundraiser at the Townsend V.F.W. Post last October and raised $2,500. Now that they know what to expect, they have scheduled another Halloween Bash to Smash Cystic Fibrosis Saturday, Oct. 25, at the Townsend Ridge Country Club.

The adult-run events raise a lot of money but Brynn and Molly have really wanted to do something by themselves, their mother said. "They really wanted to do their own thing."

A lemonade stand was born.

The girls know about CF first hand. Demeo's brother, Jim Landi, a Townsend police officer, lives with the disease and the children have seen their uncle's efforts to manage the disease.


And Jessica is a nanny and cares for a child with CF. The Demeo children have witnessed that as well. For children, managing the disease requires lots of medicine and frequent at-home treatments.

"Nothing is simple," Demeo said. "Everytime he eats a meal or eats a snack or has a glass of milk he needs enzymes to help him digest."

The little boy likes to play with his trucks and does not like being interrupted for the nebulizer treatments required three times a day or the vest that must be worn twice a day to help remove phlegm from his lungs.

The Demeo and Landi families recently traveled to Disneyland as did the family Demeo works for. Even getting together to say hello was difficult.

Two people with CF cannot be within six feet of each other. The risk of spreading germs is too great. Thus, the adult and child with CF did not meet.

On May 19, Molly and Brynn will be waiting for people to stop by, enjoy some lemonade and a cookie, and, hopefully, leave a donation in their jar.

The lives of people these children love will be affected by their work.