Approximately one week ago, maybe more, someone (or two or more) came on to our private property and robbed us of our large, outdoor thermometer which has been on this property for many, many years.

It is a large white outdoor (L.L. Bean) thermometer and was mounted on a large piece of wood with rounded corners and attached to a metal stake, which was driven well into the grounds of our garden. It has flaking white paint on both the wood and the metal stake.

The person or people who did this came on to our property and pulled this item out of the ground, most likely in broad daylight.

If you took this beloved heirloom of ours, or know someone who did, please return it to us as soon as possible, no questions asked. Just put it back in the garden.

If you simply know who might have taken it, please contact the Townsend Police Business Line at 978-597-6214.

Thank you.