TOWNSEND -- Will your son or daughter be graduating from NMRHS? Would a scholarship help? Did you know that there is a group call North Middlesex Regional School (NMRS) Scholarship Foundation?

This group was founded in 1964 and has awarded over one million dollars in scholarships to graduating seniors from North Middlesex Regional High School. These scholarships are based on the following criteria: academic achievement, community and school involvement, financial need and participation in the Annual Drive.

Seniors, the time is fast approaching for you to apply for a NMRS scholarship this Spring!!

And, while you apply for a scholarship, sign up to help with the April 6 Annual Drive.


WHEN: Lunches -- MARCH 28, April 1, April 2, April 3, April 4

WHERE: NMRHS - Outside Café C


The Scholarship Drive happens each year on one Saturday in April; this year it is April 6, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. NMRHS students in all grades will be canvassing Ashby, Townsend and Pepperell neighborhoods to raise money for the 2013 Scholarship awards. Students can canvas with a partner or in groups. They will start and end their day at NMRHS to first sign in, pick up route, sign out cans; then return to turn in money and sign out.

NOTE: ASHBY Students (or students canvassing at the 2 places or driving routes in Ashby) should go to the Ashby library side entrance to sign in, pick up cans or get their driving routes.


Students MUST return to the high school or Ashby library after their route or time soliciting with cans to sign out and turn in the money. (Students must return to their sign in location in order to sign out and get credit for drive participation.) Red sentence is just an option if you want to take out the bolded sentence!

In 2012 alone, NMRS Scholarship Foundation awarded 101 scholarships totaling $58,735 in 2012!! These scholarships were financed by the annual drive and income generated by local business, community groups and from memorial gifts.

NMRHS is a volunteer committee and is always looking for new energy. Whether you have a child at NMRHS or not, this is a nice way to support the school community.

Check our website for more information:

-- Sue Boswell