A.M. 1:29, Clement Road, annoying phone calls; 3:30, Haynes Road, suspicious activity; 7:24, Beal Street, mutual aid, ambulance; 8:59, Main Street east, break and enter; 11:39, Vinton Pond Road, suspicious activity;

P.M. 12:08, South Row Road, suspicious activity; 8:18, Main Street center, motor-vehicle stop; 9:00, Brookline Street, disturbance; 9:40, Main Street east, suspicious activity; 10:04, Greenville Road, disabled motor vehicle; 10:23, Brookline, N.H., Police Department, assist other agency, police;


A.M. 1:22, Ash Street, motor-vehicle stop; 2:05, Fitchburg Road, motor-vehicle stop; 10:07, station, officer wanted; 11:09, Mason Road, officer wanted; 11:19, West Elm Street, ambulance call;

P.M. 12:59, Main Street east, fire drill; 2:13, Route 31, assist other agency, police; 2:42, Main Street east, assist other agency, police; 7:37, Main Street east, motor-vehicle lockout;


A.M. 12:04, South Harbor Road, motor-vehicle stop; 6:32, harbor lights, assist citizen police; 8:31, Fitchburg Road, break and enter;

P.M. 2:28, Woodland Drive, assist citizen police; 2:50, Adams Road, ambulance call; 4:48, Lunenburg Road, motor-vehicle complaint; 6:32, Warren Road, break and enter; 11:43, Main Street east, suspicious activity;


A.M. 12:06, Fitchburg/Old City Road, motor-vehicle stop; 8:06, Greenville Road, burglar alarm; 9:27, Brookline Road, fire drill; 10:46, Lunenburg Road, motor-vehicle complaint;



M. 1:23, Dogwood Drive, suspicious activity; 4:31, Colorado Police, sex offenses; 5:39, Brookline, N.H., Police Department, assist other agency, police; 6:18, Main Street west, motor-vehicle stop; 6:44, Main Street east, motor-vehicle stop; 6:57, Joyce Street, burglar alarm; 7:36, Clement Road, assist citizen, police; 7:50, Route 13 North, motor-vehicle stop; 8:39, Fitchburg Road, assist other agency, police;


A.M. 12:37, Spruce Street, ambulance call; 1:41, Chase Avenue, motor-vehicle stop; 1:51, center area, motor-vehicle stop; 4:32, Highland Street, suspicious activity; 7:36, Brookline Road, break and enter; 10:21, Brookline Road, assist citizen, police;

P.M. 12:44, Barker Hill Road, burglar alarm; 1:28, Brookline Road, motor-vehicle complaint; 1:39, Valley Road, assist other agency, police; 3:11, Fitchburg Road, motor-vehicle complaint; 3:58, West Elm Street, motor-vehicle stop; 4:12, Haynes Road, suspicious activity; 5:02, Park Road, mutual aid, ambulance; 5:14, Massachusetts Avenue, fire detail; 5:23, Bayberry Hill Road, suspicious activity; 5:51, Brookline Road, assist citizen police; 6:02, New Fitchburg Road, brush fire; 6:28, Highland Street, assist citizen police; 6:30, Main Street west, motor-vehicle stop; 6:39, Main, fire detail; 6:52, Main Street East, burglar alarm; 7:44, Balsam Drive, assist citizen, police; 8:28, Main Street east, ambulance call; 9:33, Main Street east, motor-vehicle stop; 10:17, Fitchburg Road, motor-vehicle stop; 10:57, West Elm Street, disturbance;


P.M. 1:01, Route 13 South, motor-vehicle stop; 1:43, Dudley Road, assist citizen, police; 4:04. Mason Road, motor-vehicle lockout; 4:39, Main Street west, motor-vehicle stop; 7:47, Brookline Road, house fire; 8:47, Peter J Drive, ambulance call; 10:03, Worcester Road, motor-vehicle stop; 10:08, Brookline Road, suspicious activity; 10:34, New Fitchburg Road, motor-vehicle stop;


A.M. 2:53, Emery Road, ambulance call; 6:32, West Meadow Estate Drive, animal complaint; 8:21, Mason Road, mutual aid, ambulance; 10:42, Main Street east, motor-vehicle lockout; 11:14, Route 119 East, motor-vehicle stop; 11:18, Route 119 East, arrest; 11:56, Spaulding Street, suspicious activity;

P.M. 12:29, Main Street, school/training fire; 1:48, Main Street east, drug law violation; 2:08, Piper Road, mutual aid, ambulance; 2:55, Route 13 North, animal complaint.


Sunday, Sept. 9: Plante, Ethan, 21, 24A Lakin St., Pepperell, resisting arrest, no inspection/sticker, operating motor vehicle with license revoked as habitual traffic offender. Booking officer: Randy S. Girard.