Foppa! Such language!

In a blisteringtext message to longtime Swedish journalist Mats Wennerholm, who is the premier authority on all things Forsberg, having known him since he was a child, the former Avalanche superstar ripped into the prospect of having three Canadian natives, plus a fourth one who lives in Calgary now, as officials for tomorrow's gold-medal game in Sochi.

(I'm curious now if Foppa knew this would go public). But it did, and here's what he said, according to a Google translation, about Kelly Sutherland of Richmond, B.C. and Brad Meier (an American who lives in Calgary now) being the referees, with the linesemen Greg Devorski of Guelph, Ontario and Derek Amell of Port Colborne, Ontario.


“What a (bleeping) joke!” Forsberg said, according to the translation. “Canadian judges in the finals, also supervisor plus reserves. Comedy at the highest level.”

I agree with Don Cherry (something I can't believe I just typed) about this situation, though: this is probably more of a disadvantage for Canada than Sweden. The Swedes have a built-in excuse on any call that might contribute to a loss, and the refs will probably try to overcompensate to not want to appear biased.

“The worst we can do is have a Canadian ref,” Cherry said in a Toronto Sun report. “Whenever we'd get a Canadian ref (in international play) it would be like 'oh no, don't tell me that.'

“It's because we in Canada don't have the guts. They'll bend over backwards to appear like they are fair. If there's any calls against Canada it would be (from) the Canadian one.

“The Swedes would get a break getting a Canadian referee. Tell Peter to watch the penalties tomorrow. I'll bet him the first one goes to a Canadian player.”

I can't wait to see what the calls are tomorrow.