HARVARD -- Ryan Kennedy is an unassuming six-foot-one forward, who even in the toughest situations is able to maintain his composure.

Don't let the senior captain's cool disposition fool you into thinking he is your average high school athlete.

He is anything but average.

While Kennedy had great success as the goalkeeper of the Division-4 Central Mass. finalist boys' soccer team, but basketball was always his first love.

"The first varsity sport I ever played was basketball," the senior captain said. "I made the varsity team my freshman year, so that was pretty exciting. I didn't get as many minutes as I would've liked, but I played a decent amount and worked my way up to being a starter sophomore year."

Prior to the start of the school-year, Kennedy was the back-up goaltender for head coach Tom Hill and the boys' soccer program.

But, the young Kennedy, who had been playing soccer since his Harvard Youth League days with the Dynos, earned the starting spot.

"When I became the starting goalkeeper it was quite a shock," Kennedy said.

"I had some big shoes to fill in Will Nocka. I went from JV goalkeeper to the starting varsity goalkeeper in one year -- it was a big change. It was certainly some big shoes to fill after Nocka graduated."

On the hardwood, Kennedy finished with an average of 8.5 points-per-game. Last week, Kennedy scored a season-high 20 points in the Trojans' season-ending win over Tahanto.


The Trojans' basketball team under the direction of first-year head coach Ryan Kilian won just four games, but the senior captain was happy to be a part of the transition process.

"Me and sophomore Jake Frackiewicz went back-and-forth in the leading scorer spot," the captain said. "I am not sure who ended up being the leading scorer, but I know it was pretty close.

It was a big shift at first from "Hilly" to Kilian at first, but there are some similarities in their half-time speeches. Especially for a first year coach, he came into a rough spot with a lot of freshmen and some of these other teams in our leagues who were very good. I think he did a good job."

Kilian, who came to the Trojans by way of Concord Academy was impressed with the leadership qualities of his senior captain, who undoubtedly was an extension of his coaching staff.

"He is a great kid and is very competitive," Kilian said. "He gets really down on himself sometimes,it was a very tough season for him. I know he wanted to play better than he did.

He's the kind of guy who has kept our ship sailing straight and upright.

He's the vocal leader we needed. He's a very determined, mature kid. He is a kid who goes all-in for everything.

He has been really important for me transitioning over here, and he tried out for our AAU program. He helped make it a more smooth transition for me on the floor."

Kennedy has the knack for mentoring the younger players, and he was widely accepted by his peers.

Kennedy helps out and coaches a sixth-grade basketball team in the Harvard Athletic Association basketball league.

Kennedy is a member of Model United Nations, and is involved with the National Honor Society.

Kennedy plans to atttemd Swarthmore College in Pa.