An ESPN “Outside the Lines” investigation has brought forth alarming allegations against the University of Missouri, saying that the school did not investigate or report a sexual assault case involving members of the football team.

ESPN reported that school officials were made aware of the alleged 2010 incident more than a year ago but did not act on it. The victim committed suicide in 2011.

The full report on references multiple documents of communication between the alleged victim and school officials and also says a member of the Missouri football team – former wide receiver Rolandis Woodland – told ESPN that more than one of his teammates committed the assault and that he later saw a video of it.

An athletic department spokesperson at Missouri denied to ESPN that any members of the coaching staff or school administration were informed of the allegations before the victim died. Missouri also posted at least a portion of its email correspondence with ESPN regarding the report.

ESPN's televised version of the report airs Sunday at 9 a.m. ET.