Bailey's on the Green provided a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. With the support of many local youth organizations and other memorial scholarship sponsors; we were able to award 45 scholarships to Class of 2013 student athletes.

Brandee Aiello, North Middlesex Pop Warner; Shannon Childes, Unified Track; Amy Clement, Townsend Baseball; Brandon Cole, Pepperell Little League; Bryan Croteau, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse and North Middlesex Pop Warner; Jessica Danahy, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Elizabeth David, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse & Dan Gray Award; Olivia Dineen, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Dominic DiTomasso, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Joe Dolciotto, Dan Gray Award; Brett Estrella, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse & John E. Young Award;

William Faulkner, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Ben Ferro, North Middlesex AYF; Kelsey Furey, Pepperell Little League; Rebecca Gardner, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Garnette Goorahlal, Townsend Ashby Youth Soccer; Haley Gray, North Middlesex AYF; Chapel Guarnieri, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Slattery's Road Race and All Patriot; Laurel Haines, Scholar Athlete; Katherine Hall, Pepperell Soccer; Robert Haluska, PAT Hockey; Jolene Hauptman, North Middlesex Pop Warner; Emily Herrick, Pepperell Soccer; Courtney Holbrook, Special Olympics; Mitchell Hudlin, Townsend Baseball; Carmel James, TAP Basketball & Townsend Ashby Youth Soccer; Andrew Jena, Scholar Athlete; Bobby Johnston, Slattery's Road Race; Steven Julius, Anthony Ciccone Award;

Dan LaCross, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Brandon Lambert, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse & All Patriot; Sean Monahan, Pepperell Soccer & TAP Basketball; Kimberly Morgan, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; TAP Basketball; Townsend Ashby Youth Soccer and John E.


Young Award; Francis Phillips, TAP Basketball; Kevin Powell, Coach Marley Enlisted Service Award; Madeleine Prevost, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Genevieve Rattey, Unified Track; Alyssa Robinson, Pepperell Soccer; Ashley Rosko, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse & TAP Basketball; Zach Ryan, Ben Plante Memorial Award; Nicholas Scaltreto, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Andrew Shepherd,-Townsend Ashby Youth Soccer; Charlotte Spiegel, TAP Basketball; Michael Sulmonetti, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse; Chris Tucker, North Middlesex Youth Lacrosse and North Middlesex Pop Warner.

With the help of our community and local sponsors we will continue to provide support for all athletic programs at North Middlesex High School. Please consider joining our fundraising efforts by volunteering at our newest and best event yet, Gillette Stadium concessions! Come experience the awesome atmosphere and have some fun with friends and neighbors.