Bromfield seemed to be evenly matched with the Crusaders when they came to the Groton-Dunstable home field on Saturday. Bromfield ended up winning the game, with Rylee Osgood scoring the game's only goal.

"It took us a few minutes to get warmed up. Groton-Dunstable was a very fast team," said Bromfield Coach Gary Wenger. "It was a good game. Both of our goal keepers played very well." Both teams hustled and showed great charisma on the field as they battled one another for a victory.

Right away the players and the fans on the sideline felt the intensity level when Groton-Dunstable's Olivia Rubeski got a shot on net at three minutes into the game. The shot was recovered by Bromfield goalkeeper Meghanne Fitzsimmons. The Crusaders managed to keep it in the offensive zone but couldn't get to the scoring pocket. Brittany Belanger took a powerful shot on net, but elevated the ball over her target.

"The offense is very powerful, but we are in a scoring slump," said Groton-Dunstable's Coach Steve Naboicheck.

Bromfield retaliated by establishing their own offensive drives. Kate Marinelli got a corner kick which was received by Reiny Foster. Foster attempted a shot on net, but the shot was intercepted by Crusader defense. As they fought hard to get it out of their territory, Bromfield's KJ Frost got a side shot on net once again, while the skilled footwork of Clara Wang challenged the defense. With 30 minutes played, Meghan Freiter got the ball out of the Groton-Dunstable area.


"The defense is fairly solid," said Naboicheck.

As Groton-Dunstable struggled to make runs toward the net and Bromfield picked up their efforts to block them, both teams propelled the ball out of bounds, resulting in multiple throw-ins. Finally the Crusaders were able to settle down and show off their abilities. Bethany Fordham made a blind shot toward the net. The offense refused to give up the fight to score. A series of successful passes allowed the offense to maintain possession. Dani Kenney got an indirect kick that was intercepted by the defense, preventing the Crusaders from reaching the goal.

Bromfield managed to conquer Kenney and her teammates' offensive drives. As the half was dwindling down, Sophia Turchetta passed the ball to Riley Osgood. Osgood ended up shooting the ball past Kailyn Rekos, leaving the score 1-0.

"Both teams were really evenly matched," said Bromfield goalkeeper Jenn Symula. "We panic when we meet a team that meets our playing level."

As the second half started, Groton-Dunstable came on the field with a vengeance. At 56 minutes into the game, Kenney got a corner kick and directed the ball toward Rubeski. Rubeski's chances of scoring on Symula were broken up by the defensive skills of Emma Grant. Kenney picked up her performance on the field, while Jen Johnson maintained good ball control, taking her time with the plays and passing.

Once again, the ball was carried into Groton-Dunstable territory. Bromfield's Jackie Planchet worked hard to steal the ball away from the defense. Planchet's efforts were rewarded when Foster got a shot on net. Rekos did a good job stepping out of the net and being available as an extra person on the field when her teammates needed her.

Despite the Crusader's best efforts, Bromfield still walked away with a 1-0 win.

"We were frustrated out there, but we did start to engage the wing midfielders" said Naboicheck. "Dani Kenney, Elena Biasi and Katie Wogan have all stepped into new roles. The season isn't over yet, and we have a long way to go."