HARVARD -- Bromfield was not able to put the ball past Nipmuc goaltender Steve Lukas to preserve its perfect record in its third game of the season. But they didn't pick up a loss, either.

The action was back and forth as both teams fought aggressively to score against each other, and both goalies faced a lot of action.

"We created chances out there and played good defense," said Bromfield goalkeeper Ryan Kennedy. "I made some good saves, but I could have made better goal kicks and clears."

As Bromfield worked hard to enter into offensive territory, the Nipmuc defense stepped up, preventing them from getting close to the net.

At 15 minutes into the game, Matt Burke made a good defensive play that caused the attack to retreat. At 21 minutes in, Burke made an indirect kick into the offensive zone. They took the ball down toward the Bromfield net, where Drew Francoza got a header on net, which was saved by Kennedy.

As Kennedy cleared the ball to the side, Bromfield made an attempt at a quick recovery, but Nipmuc's Dylan Summer got a shot on net, which was recovered once again by Kennedy. Finally, Bromfield was able to break out of their defensive zone and make a scoring attempt. At 41 minutes into the game, Ezra Kraus took a side shot on the net, which was saved by Lukas.

Once again, Nipmuc gained possession of the ball, and quickly carried it into the offensive zone.

"The passing was weak. They have to move during the throw-ins," said Coach Tom Hill.


"The outside halfbacks should've played better, too."

Kennedy faced multiple shots on net in rapid succession, ably stopping them all. As Kennedy made a pass intended for Andrew Cullinan, Nipmuc took control of the play, keeping it in their offensive zone.

"The defense has a lot of work to do," said Hill. "They need to be more consistent."

During the second half, Bromfield picked things up. At 57 minutes into the game, Mark Ferguson got a shot on net. Shortly after, at 61 minutes into the game, Ross Cullinane-Brown made a shot that was broken up by Nipmuc defense.

"Ben L'Ecuyer did a good job clearing the ball and Matt Olejarz did a good job making plays," said Hill. "Dylan Osgood made some good plays on net as well."

Sam Merten demonstrated his defensive abilities while he blocked the Bromfield attack, leaving the game knotted at 0-0. With time winding down, both teams maneuvered the ball up and down the field, putting pressure on both goalies to make save after save. At 70 minutes into the game, Brett Syzmyko had a shot on net that was saved by Kennedy.

Bromfield regained their composure, and at the 79-minute mark, Roman Vellante had a shot on net that was saved by Lukas.

In a last-ditch effort to score, Joe Monroe made a corner kick towards the net, but the defense broke up the play.

Both teams unable to net a shot, play ended at 0-0.

"Nipmuc has always played a physical game, not dirty but physical," said Hill. "We need to work on our visual skills and keep our heads up for the next game."