SHIRLEY -- The Planning Board rolled out a revised version of the new marijuana bylaw passed at Special Town Meeting last month and voted unanimously last week to present it at the May 14 Annual Town Meeting.

Amendments to the new bylaw -- hammered out at a previous workshop and approved at the recent session -- are aimed at resolving a sticking point some STM voters objected to in the original. Specifically, a required 500-foot buffer between the driveway of a marijuana facility and that of a school, day care center, church, or residence, among others.

In effect, the restriction would make the town's few commercial and industrial-zoned areas off limits for recreational marijuana businesses, even non-retail establishments such as farms, factories, or labs.

The board, which had worked on the first bylaw for months, said that was not its intent and agreed to work on a re-do after it passed, with input from residents, including John Rounds, who provided an outline for the board to work from.

Now, its ready to go.

Summary of proposed changes to STM's Article 4: Adopt Zoning for Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers and Non-Medical Marijuana Establishments:

Amend section 3.10.5, "Industrial District," of the Protective Zoning Bylaws to read "Non-Retail Marijuana Business."

Amend section 4.18.7.a by changing "including" to "excluding."

Amend section 4.18.7.a.3 by adding "A building" at the beginning of the sentence.

Strike section 4.18.7.a.6.


, "A residentially zoned lot with an existing dwelling."

Amend Section 4.18.7.a.7 by renumbering as 4.18.7.a.6.

Amend Section 11 by adding a definition for Non-Retail Marijuana Business.

Authorize the Town Clerk to make several corrections to typos.