SHIRLEY -- On a recent Saturday morning, members of the Energy Committee were at work again, this time replacing an arm on a street lamp that was damaged in an accident last year and installing the last of 14 new LED lamps now lighting the downtown along Main Street.

Completion of this last lamp post was done in part with a donation of much-needed equipment by Moore Lumber and Hardware, which donated the use of a scissor-lift capable of holding two men and the components necessary to make the repairs.

Additionally, the Department of Public Works installed cement-filled steel posts in front of the lamp posts to protect them from potential damage in the future.

While the machine was available, Energy Committee members also changed the burned-out fixture that lights up the flag on Main Street. Until now, the flag had to be removed in the evenings before dark and reinstalled each morning by veterans agent Mike Detillion.

The final piece of work involves the lamp post in front of Dunkin' Donuts. When the drive-through was installed at that establishment, the decorative lamp post was relocated and wired into a circuit inside the building. The Energy Committee will be working on making the changes to have that lamp post re-wired so it comes on with the rest of the lights along Main Street.

The Energy Committee has determined that the conversion of these lamps to LED will generate a savings of approximately $900 annually that can be used elsewhere in the town budget.