Bryan Sawyer

PO Box 1228

Shirley MA 01464

Dear Mr. Sawyer:

I am pleased to appoint you to the Town of Shirley Finance Committee. The work of this committee is critical to the conduct of the town's business as well as to voters' confidence in local government.

You are appointed to a term effective from 13 September 2013 through 30 June 2016.

Your interest in the town of Shirley and its well-being, professional training and experience as an accountant, experience with managing financial and budgetary matters, and experience as general manager of the Bull Run Restaurant are significant factors in qualifying you for this important position.

Please contact Mrs. Amy McDougall, Shirley Town Clerk, to arrange a time to be sworn in. And please request a copy of the latest version of the town of Shirley Bylaws from Mrs. McDougall.

The Association of Town Finance Committees for Massachusetts publishes a document entitled "The Finance Committee Handbook" (on CD). Please talk with Mr. Michael Swanton, chairman of the Shirley Finance Committee, about getting a copy.

Thank you for your willingness to serve. May this service provide you the opportunity to grow in knowledge and wisdom, and to be a blessing to both the Finance Committee and the people of Shirley. My best wishes for an enjoyable experience.

-- George H. Knittel, moderator, town of Shirley