SHIRLEY -- While framing their meeting schedule for the rest of this year, selectmen on Monday night discussed whether to close Town Offices during Christmas week to save energy, as they and previous boards have in the past. Often, it's been a last-minute decision.

Options included closing from Dec. 20 to Dec. 30, or extending the shutdown past the New Year holiday.

The board settled one matter, but not the other.

The selectmen agreed to continue meeting approximately every other week through the end of December. But they didn't reach consensus on the proposed Christmas hiatus.

Kendra Dumont brought the issue up to ensure the decision is made in a timelier manner this year, she said.

Executive Assistant Kathleen Rocco agreed. When Town Offices shut down, employees can take vacation time or time off without pay and must plan for it, either way, she said.

There's still time to consider pros and cons and make the call in advance, the selectmen said, but they agreed to settle the matter soon, maybe at the next meeting.

-- M.E. Jones