The curtains will already be open, the lights will dim and a house full of locals will be wiping the last of the delicious dinner from their mouths, prepared to be entertained... and entertained they will be!

Friday, Oct. 4, the Bull Run will host the annual Shirley Meeting House fundraiser. The Meeting House, Shirley's oldest public building and one of the finest venues for musical performances in the area, counts on this event to pay the utilities and insurance each year. It receives no public funding, depending on individuals to maintain its physical and historical integrity.

This year one of our own talented Shirley residents, Emilie Faucher, has gathered a troupe of musicians to present an evening of music and mild theatrical stunts. Some have shared their expertise inter-continentally, touring with world-famous bands! Some have regular gigs at the Bull Run! Some have played in Nashville!

One is a selectman in town! Another is a handsome cousin who brings country music to new heights! One founded the Shirley Farmer's Market! And three live on the same road where the Bull Run sits!

Only one lives way out of town in the Boston area -- he will use his many years as an actor, writer and stand-up comedian to stitch the show together.

Don't miss this night!! Tickets are $45 for the dinner and show, and may be purchased by calling Patty MacDonald at 978-425-4779.