SHIRLEY -- The Finance Committee has recommended approval of all warrant articles to be voted on at the May 20 Annual Town Meeting except for Articles 7 and 13.

Article 7 is to appropriate the sum of $8,500 to be expended by the War Memorial Trustees for the purpose of operating the War Memorial Building during Fiscal 2014.

Article 13 is to repurpose the remainder of the funds borrowed in 2002, which were specifically set aside for the renovation of the War Memorial Building kitchen and lavatory, but which were left unexpended due to the higher than expected cost.

The trustees are now seeking to use the $29,000 to pay for the costs of a boiler replacement or for energy conservation repairs, painting walls, replacing carpet, bathroom repairs or any other building renovations.

At their meeting Monday night, FinCom Chair and Vice Chair Frank Kolarik and Mike Swanton told War Memorial Trustee Theresa Richards that the FinCom was unlikely to recommend favorable action on the two articles unless the trustees could present to the committee some estimates of the cost of such repairs. Swanton recommended that the trustees come up with those estimates and request the funds at the fall town meeting.