SHIRLEY -- How do you care for your historic house and preserve its historic value while making it comfortable for 21st-century living? Sally Zimmeran, the house preservation expert from Historic New England, will present a program titled "Renovation Do's and Don't's for Historic Houses" on Sunday, March 10, at 2 p.m. at the Shirley Historical Society Museum.

Historic New England owns 36 properties and must maintain their historic exteriors while making them weather-proof. They must identify paint colors that were appropriate for different uses during different eras. Depending on the current purpose of the property, they add modern conveniences while preserving the historic snapshot in time.

Zimmerman will share examples of what Historic New England does and what the typical homeowner can do. She will warn against certain practices that seem efficient but which destroy the original character of the building. She will also answer questions specific to the houses owned by the members of the audience.

The Historical Society Museum is located at 182 Center Road. Telephone 978-425-9328 or email for information.