The cost of Ayer-Shirley school renovation and addition project cost is $56 million, mostly paid by the state. Massachusetts School Building Authority has agreed to reimburse the district for 70 percent of covered costs. Total $37 million facilities grant leaves $19 million for the two member towns to split, per formula in regional agreement.

ASRSD School and Building Committee member Pat Kelly responded as follows to statements made at a recent Shirley selectmen's meeting as reported in the Shirley Oracle: "The state is not looking for 100 percent. The updated formula and the process of catching up for districts that the state determined have been underfunding education has been going since 2007. Even if Shirley were to meet the obligation set by the state this year for Required Local Contribution (RLC), Shirley is still over $200,000 a year behind on the state's target figure for RLC. The RLC is calculated based on the town's income and wealth to assess the ability to pay. The Shirley RLC figure is slightly below the state average..."