AYER/SHIRLEY -- At Ayer-Shirley Regional School District Superintendent Carl Mock's request, the School Committee voted unanimously to allow the Ayer-Shirley Regional High School to be closed to students on March 7. The other schools in the district will remain open.

The reason for the school's closure, said Mock, is to prepare for the building renovation by discarding items, cleaning rooms, checking the HVAC, and working on the building's technology system.

"The construction firm has to install a lift and remove the barriers that serve as the limiting factor in terms of the kids getting to the second floor," said Mock. "Meanwhile, we have to carry on school, and people have to pack up their stuff."

He proposed March 8 as the target date to accomplish what needs to be done, because Consigli Construction Co. would like complete access to that specific academic wing by the following Monday.

"The teachers will be packing up and relocating to other rooms with the help of custodial staff, interested parties and student volunteers who get community service credit. Professionals will be called in for the big items," said Mock.

"March 7 is an early release day and we would respectfully ask that the high school not have school that day, but that the student volunteers report. The smaller stuff will be moved the morning of March 7, and then teachers can set up classrooms on the morning of March 8.


We have to respect that some people will be donating their own time for that," he said

If March 7 is a snow day, the move will take place on March 8. "We would like to use that day in case there are any problems, but hopefully we will be holding class," Mock concluded.

The committee voted unanimously to amend the high school calendar so that March 7 is a no-school day, with a back-up of March 8 in case of a snow day.