SHIRLEY -- Of the town's 4,105 registered voters, 3,144 cast ballots in Tuesday's presidential election, a turnout of 76.6 percent. As to whether that number set a record, that information was not immediately available Wednesday morning.

One seeming anomaly, however, was the result of the State Senate race. In Shirley, Brown won.

Town voters, who by and large tend to favor Democrats, voted for incumbent Scott Brown, a Republican, over Democratic candidate Elizabeth Warren. It would have been an upset, had the rest of the state gone the same way, but it didn't.

Statewide, Warren won.

For president, Shirley voters sided with the rest of the nation, choosing sitting President Barak Obama, a Democrat, over Republican rival Mitt Romney.

It wasn't a sweep down the ballot, but Republican candidates trumped Democrats in a couple of contested races here. Not the major races, though, in which Democratic incumbents were chosen over Republican challengers.

Congresswoman Niki Tsongas tidily beat Republican opponent Jonathan Golnik and Senator James Eldridge garnered more votes than Republican challenger Dean Cavaretta.

State Representative Jennifer Benson, also a Democrat, held her seat, but she ran unopposed.

In all three races, Shirley results mirrored those of the state. The same candidates won.

State Election Results

For president:

Obama and Biden, Democratic: 1,553 votes

Romney and Ryan, Republican, 1,482 votes

Stein and Honkala, Green-Rainbow, 30 votes

Johnson and Gray, Libertarian, 65 votes

Blanks, 7

All Others, 7


Scott P.


Brown, Republican, 1,787

Elizabeth A. Warren, Democratic, 1,335

Blanks, 22

Representative, Third District:

Nicola S. Tsongas, Democratic, 1,802

Jonathan A. Golnik, Republican, 1,255

Councilor, Third District:

Marilyn M. Petitto Devaney, Democratic, 1,794

Thomas Sheff, Unenrolled, 848

Senator in General Court, Middlesex & Worcester District:

James B. Eldridge, Democratic, 1,934

Dean J. Cavaretta, Republican, 1,031

Representative in General Court, 37th Middlesex District:

Jennifer E. Benson, Democratic, 2,400

All Others, 10

Clerk of Courts, Middlesex County:

Michael A. Sullivan, Democratic, 2,351

Register of Deeds, Middlesex Southern District:

Marcia C. Curtatone, Democratic, 2,278

Sheriff, Middlesex County (to fill vacancy)

Peter J. Koutoujian, Democratic, 1,625

Ernesto M. Petrone, Unenrolled, 965

All Others, 2

Ballot Questions:

Question 1, Availability of Motor Vehicle Repair Information:

Yes. 2,535

No, 420

Question 2, Prescribing Medication to End Life:

Yes, 1,577

No, 1,477

Question 3, Medical Use of Marijuana:

Yes, 1,926

No, 683

According to Town Clerk Amy McDougall, there were three (3) pending provisional ballots to be researched.

Lining up the three Ballot questions, voters across the state said Yes, No and Yes, respectively.


One question and the answer was no.

The only question on the Town ballot was a proposed Proposition 2 /12 tax override to fund an additional full-time police officer's position failed. The override would have assessed an additional $73,495 in real estate and personal property taxes to cover salary, wages and hourly (union) expenses, operating expenses and the town share of family health insurance coverage.


Yes, 1,445

No, 1,589

Blanks, 32

Fewer people voted in the Town election than the state election. The 3,066 votes cast represented 74.7 percent of the town's 4,105 registered voters.