AYER - A 20-year old Lunenburg man faces attempted murder, battery and weapons charges following his arrest in Ayer early Saturday morning. Mark Kauffman of 80 Kilburn Street in Lunenburg was arrested on Groton Harvard road at 1:02 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Ayer Police Sergeant John MacDonald and Officers Eric Pearson and George Fichter arrived at the scene of a disturbance and arrested Kauffman who was allegedly fighting with and strangling another person. The Ayer Police report Kauffman also possessed bullets without a license, a drug without a prescription, and "brass knuckles."

After the arrest, the Ayer Police contacted the Lunenburg Police because "there was some indication that this person had firearms at his [Lunenburg] residence," according to a Tuesday statement by the Ayer Police on the department's Facebook page. "Later on in the morning, we were asked by Lunenburg Police to re-arrest this individual if we saw him because there were indeed firearms found at his residence and he was unlicensed."

Kauffman was later found and arrested at a friend's home in Ayer. Kauffman was later transferred to Lunenburg Police. Kauffman was charged with attempted murder, assault and battery, possession of ammunition without a Firearms Identification (FID) card, possession of a class B substance, and carrying a dangerous weapon.

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