Monday, June 3

A.M. 7:47, Maple Street, traffic control; 7:49, School Zone, traffic control; 10:27, Chapel Place, fire, auto; 10:46, Main Street, medical emergency; 11:34, Hollis Street, burglar alarm, investigated.

P.M. 12:04, Cheyenne Road, serve summons; 1:42, Oakland Road, medical/lift assist; 2:21, Winslow Court, suspicious activity; 3:31, The Pines, complaint; 3:36, Chestnut Street, motor vehicle complaint; 3:41, Parkwood Drive, disturbance; 4:48, Prospect Street, welfare check; 4:53, Main Street, burglar alarm; 4:55, Park Street, recreational vehicle complaint; 5:22, Maple Street, disturbance.

Tuesday, June 4

A.M. 7:48, Maple Street, traffic control; 7:56, Hollis Street, traffic control; 8:24, Groton Street, welfare check; 10:50, Prescott Street, suspicious activity, arrests made; 11:17, Main Street, disturbance.

P.M. 12:38, Brookline Street, medical emergency; 2:51, Prescott Street, escort/transport; 2:52, Hollis Street, lockout; 4:40, South Road, structure fire; 6:34, Leighton Street, odor fire; 7:48, Groton Street, traffic control; 8:15, Tarbell Street, medical emergency; 8:54, Pleasant Street, motor vehicle complaint; 10:19, Oak Hill Street, motor vehicle accident; 10:41, Oak Hill Street, complaint.

Wednesday, June 5

A.M. 7:41, Nashua Road, suspicious activity, investigated; 8:08, Groton Street, assist agency; 9:53, Main Street, complaint, investigated.


P.M. 1:08, Groton Street, domestic disturbance, peace restored; 1:23, Main Street, domestic disturbance, investigated; 3:10, Heald Street, assist agency/health board; 4:15, River Road, lockout; 4:43, Brookline Street, assist citizen; 6:32, Old Farm Lane, complaint; 7:09, Groton Street, disturbance; 7:16, Groton Street, motor vehicle accident, arrest made; 8:03, Main Street, assist citizen; 8:23, Depot Street, medical emergency, 8:40, Tucker Avenue, lost and found property.

Thursday, June 6

A.M. 12:52, Oak Hill Street, animal control; 1:21, Railroad Street, suspicious activity; 5:46, Hollis Street, traffic control; 8:27, Groton Street, vandalism; 10:16, Groton Street, suspicious activity; 10:41, NEMLEC call-out Westford; 11:38, Maple Street, medical emergency; 11:56, Prescott Street and North Street, vandalism, investigated.

P.M. 1:28, South Road, motor vehicle stop; 1:47, Tarbell Street, disturbance, peace restored; 4:26, Main Street, suspicious activity; 5:45, River Road, serve restraining order; 6:18, Main Street, serve paperwork; 7:22, Groton Street, complaint; 9:00, Groton Street, animal control; 11:22, South Road and River Road, motor vehicle complaint.

Friday, June 7

P.M. 12:27, Mason Street, welfare check; 1:05, Main Street, assist agency; 2:11, school zone, traffic control; 2:30, Pleasant Street, serve restraining order; 5:19, Chace Avenue, medical emergency; 5:45, Tarbell Street, lockout; 6:38, Main Street, lockout; 7:07, Nashua Road, medical emergency; 7:11, Shirley Street, welfare check; 8:16, Main Street, assist citizen; 8:20, Nashua Road, serve summons, could not locate; 8:26, Groton Street, safe keeping property, 11:40, Groton Street and Tarbell Street, assist citizen.

Saturday, June 8

A.M. 12:02, Maple Street, message delivery; 6:29, Townsend Street, 911 hang-up; 6:55, Nashua Road, medical emergency; 7:08, Foster Street, medical emergency; 7:36, Parkwood Drive, parking complaint; 11:30, Main Street, lockout.

P.M. 1:18, Chestnut Street, medical emergency; 3:24, Groton Street, medical emergency; 3:52, Watertown, NEMLEC call-out; 4:44, Main Street, lockout; 5:18, Jewett Street, vandalism; 5:37, Main Street, assist citizen; 7:22, Bacon Street, suspicious activity; 8:12, Main Street, serve summons; 8:24, Groton Street, traffic control; 8:46, Mill Street, animal control; 9:22, Mill Street and Groton Street, suspicious activity; 10:24, Heald Street, trash dumping; 10:32, Scotia Drive, message delivery; 11:21, Park Street, disturbance, peace restored.

Sunday, June 9

A.M. 12:10, Province Street, disturbance, peace restored; 9:36, Townsend Mutual Aid, medical emergency; 9:57, Jewett Street, lost and found property.

P.M. 4:08, Tucker Street, disturbance, peace restored; 6:55, River Road, medical emergency; 7:43, Bacon Street, complaint; 11:54, Nashua Road, suspicious activity.


Tuesday, June 4: Brett Gordon, 20, of 523 Main Street in Townsend, breaking and entering for misdemeanor, drug possession class B.

Michael W. Pacheco, 21, of 108 Groton Street, breaking and entering for misdemeanor.

Scott J. Hewitt, 21, of 543 Main Street in West Townsend, breaking and entering for misdemeanor.

Wednesday, June 5: Janelle M. Sargent, 30, of 12 June Street, OUI liquor, marked lanes violation, leaving scene of property damage, possession of open container of alcohol in motor vehicle.