A.M. 3:12, Tucker Street, welfare check; 5:47, Mason Street, ambulance; 10:47, Groton Street and Hotel Place, traffic control; 11:41, River Road, ambulance; 11:47, West Street, hang-up;

P.M. 12:30, Groton Street, disturbance; 1:36, ambulance; 3:00, Prescott Street, vandalism; 3:40, Groton Street, spill leak; 4:03, Hotel Place, ambulance; 5:46, Townsend Street, summons served;


A.M. 10:21, South Road, burglar alarm;

P.M. 12:09, Deerfield Drive, suspicious activity; 3:20, Main Street, complaint; 3:31, Lomar Park Drive, burglar alarm; 9:49, River Road, traffic control; 10:10, Seminole Drive, domestic disturbance; 11:32, Seminole Drive, restraining order;


A.M. 12:31, Seminole Drive, escort; 10:23, DPW call-out;

P.M. 12:00, Nashua Road, burglary; 3:29, Railroad Street, citation; 4:17, Main Street and Mill Street, disabled motor vehicle; 5:38, Maple Street, suspicious activity; 8:25, Elm Street, domestic disturbance;


A.M. 12:32, Maple Street, ambulance; 1:02, Main Street, citizen assistance; 6:21, Tarbell Street, odor investigation; 7:47, Main Street, natural gas odor; 8:08, school zone, traffic control; 8:10, Brookline Street, traffic control; 9:47, Main Street, natural gas odor;

P.M. 12:53, Townsend Street, summons; 1:50, East Street, message delivery; 2:30, Chace Avenue, traffic control; 3:09, Hollis Street, motor vehicle crash fire; 3:30, Hollis Street, motor vehicle accident; 3:59, Hollis Street, motor vehicle accident; 4:11, hang-up; 6:20, Celestial Way, civil standby;




A.M. 6:38, Nashua Road, investigation; 7:50, Chace Avenue, traffic control; 8:09, South Road, disabled motor vehicle; 10:40, Foster Street, complaint;

P.M. 12:21, Nova Drive, ambulance; 2:21, school zone, traffic control; 4:01, Elm Street, ambulance; 7:07, Depot Road, mutual aid; 7:23, Pleasant Street, ambulance; 8:09, Tarbell Street, traffic control; 9:15, Groton Street, citizen assistance; 9:18, DPW call-out; 10:07, Mason Street, ambulance;


A.M. 12:26, Bayberry Street, suspicious activity; 3:54, Foster Street, ambulance; 5:31 Elm Street, disabled motor vehicle; 6:05, River Road and South Road, disabled motor vehicle; 6:37, Fairchild Court, motor vehicle accident; 6:53, Brookline Street and Hollis Street, disabled motor vehicle; 8:18, Moonlight Way, citizen assistance; 10:38, Townsend Street and Mason Street, disabled motor vehicle;

P.M. 1:40, Nova Drive, hang-up; 2:28, Chace Avenue, traffic control; 3:01, Groton Street, suspicious activity; 3:32, Main Street, citizen assistance; 4:31, Lowell Road, disabled motor vehicle; 5:21, Hollis Street, lockout; 6:14, Tucker Street, welfare check; 11:45, Pine Street, suspicious activity;


A.M. 4:40, South Road, wires down; 4:52, Jewett Street and Ames Street, wires down; 7:50, Chace Avenue, traffic control; 9:01, Townsend Street, burglar alarm; 9:03, Oak Hill Street, leaning telephone pole; 9:59, South Road and Hillside Street, branch down;

P.M. 1:32, Tarbell Street, traffic control; 1:50, Jewett Street, hang-up; 2:21, school zone, traffic control; 2:49, Nashua Road, burglary; 3:19, Chace Avenue, suspicious activity; 4:39, Oak Hill Street, suspicious activity; 8:49, River Road, lockout;


Maureen E. Testa, 49, of 33 Seminole Drive. Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.