PEPPERELL -- PACH (Pepperell Aide from Community to Home),is offering help with fuel assistance applications . The Fuel Assistance program is funded by the state of Massachusetts for those individuals who qualify based on annual income.

The program is open to all Massachusetts residents and is administered by Community Teamwork Inc. (CTI) in Lowell.

PACH has all forms available to apply for fuel assistance. Clients can call the PACH office at 978-925-9770 to make an appointment to meet with the fuel assistance coordinator and fill out the correct forms.

PACH helps our clients fill out the forms correctly and makes copies of all pertinent documentation. We do not make any decisions on who is accepted for the fuel assistance program. CTI handles all final decisions on eligibility.

Documents needed to bring with you for your fuel assistance appointment are:

* Picture ID for head of household;

* Proof of citizenship or qualified alien status verification;

* Social Security cards for all members of the household, including children;

* Household income for each person in the household who has income;

* Zero income: If there is anyone age 18 or older years who has had no income for at least 30 days, a form will be provided for signature;

* Student 18-plus: Current student verification enrollment letter and 30 days of pay stubs, if working;

* Homeowner: Current mortgage statement and real estate tax, condo fee (if any);

* Renters: Provide landlord's name, address, phone number and a copy of a current rent receipt, cancel check, money order receipt or current year lease;

* Heat included in rent? Lease or rental agreement must state "heat is included" in rent;

* Subsidized housing: Current housing authority verification with tenant rent, household income calculations, program type and heating source.


Rent receipt is not acceptable;

* Current Gas, electric, deliverable fuel bill: The entire bill (top and Bottom portion) to verify name, service address, mailing address and account in your name. You may qualify for discount rates also. Receipts for wood /pellets deliveries for wood burning/pellet stoves also accepted.

Income documentation needed:

* Wages: Four consecutive weeks;

* Self-employment, rental income: must supply 2017 tax return;

* Social Security/SSI: copy of check, bank statement or recent award letter;

* Welfare: current statement with grant amount or bank statement;

* Unemployment: 4 current check stubs or DET printout, dated 30 days before your appointment. No claim forms or estimate statements accepted;

* Retirement, pension/annuities/veterans benefit: Check stub or letter from source showing gross amount, no bank statements;

* Workers comp: Current check with amount, date of loss and stating how often you receive it;

* Interest/dividend: latest bank statement or Form 1099 or Schedule B;

* Child support: Court order with date, amount and how often. Supply four weeks of checks or money orders, last 12-month Department of Revenue printout or notarized statement from the supporter;

* Other income: Odd jobs, financial help, scholarships, cash prizes, etc. will be discussed with CTI.

2018-2019 LIHEAP Income eligibility

Family size Max. income

1 $35,510

2 $46,437

3 $57,363

4 $68,289

5 $79,215

6 $90,141