PEPPERELL --- Heading into next week's spring Town Meeting, voters will see 20 articles on the warrant.

The Monday meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. at the Nissitissit Middle School auditorium.

Three of the articles are citizens petitions.

Here is a look at some of the articles that will be up for consideration:

Article 7: Fiscal Year 2019 budget

* Total proposed general fund budget: $26.96 million

* $3.06 million proposed for public safety

* $1.61 million assessment for Nashoba Valley Technical High School and $15.99 million for the North Middlesex Regional School District

* No recommendation from Finance Committee

Article 14: Water treatment plant funding

* Would appropriate $5 million to upgrade the town's waste water treatment facility to comply with a U.S. EPA and National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit

* Two-thirds vote required

* Recommended by the Finance Committee

Article 15: Sale of Peter Fitzpatrick School land

* Vote to see if town will authorize the sale

* North Middlesex Regional School District is moving out of the building

* Board of Selectmen voted Monday to take no action on the article

* Expected to be passed over at Town Meeting

Article 16: Marijuana zoning

* Would establish zoning to regulation for marijuana cultivators, testing labs, manufacturers, retailers, businesses, and other establishments

* Establishments can't operate before January 2019

* Also directs selectmen to place question on next ballot or election to ask whether the town will prohibit marijuana establishments

Article 17: Wild and Scenic River designation

* Stewardship plan for the Nashua, Squannacook, and Nissitissit Rivers

* No cost to town

* Similar warrant articles up for consideration in other towns located near rivers

Article 19: Citizens petition to replace a fire ladder truck

* Asks to appropriate no more than $400,000 through a debt exclusion for purchase

* Recommended by Finance Committee

Article 20: Citizens petition to hire two officers

* Asks the town to appropriate money to make the full-time hires

* No recommendation from Finance Committee