AYER -- Losing weight can be hard, but doctors at Nashoba Valley Medical Center want to help.

Staying motivated and setting realistic goals are key.

"When beginning a weight loss plan there is a feeling of excitement and energy," said Theresa Piotrowski, a bariatric physician. "But as time goes on, and plateaus may occur, there are things that can be done to keep oneself on the path to success."

Specialists from the hospital's Center for Weight Control have tips to stay on track:

* Post your goals where you can see them to remind yourself

* Keep track of eating and activity

* Acknowledge your accomplishments and changes each week

* Try a nutrition class to learn helpful shopping, eating, and cooking skills

* Be patient and adjust your plans if needed

* Talk to a dietitian or health care provider to set reasonable goals

* Believe in yourself can help you stick to goals and weight loss plans

To learn about services offered by the Center for Weight Control, call 978-862-5673