PEPPRELL -- After volunteering at PACH, 17-year-old Boy Scout Noah Lauziere found an appreciation for their work and realized he wanted to do his Eagle Scout project by helping PACH.

His end goal was to make the entrance to PACH look as beautiful and inviting as possible for all those who need help from the pantry. He hoped the new face of PACH would brighten the faces of those who need some help.

This past fall, Noah had a large group of volunteers cleaned up the site. They cut back huge lilac bushes, tore vines off the stairs, raked leaves, etc.

In the spring they got to gardening. He and his group created a large flowerbed on the left of the front door with a bush to the right.

All are low maintenance perennials and lovely to brighten the day of all who enter and leave.

Noah and other boys from his troop will periodically stop by to tend to the garden.

With the permission of town administrators and the generosity of Our Lady of Grace Church in Pepperell, who donated the funds for the project and a $225 donation for the PACH Pantry itself, Noah Lauziere's Boy Scout Eagle Project will be a lasting flowering success.