By Joanna Reagan

Special Contributor

PEPPERELL -- On a lovely sunny Saturday afternoon in August, 16 members of the Pepperell Garden Club were treated to the beauty of three flower gardens of PGC members.

The first stop was at the garden of Diane Temple on Blood Street. Members strolled through beautiful woodland and sun gardens with dramatic views and pathways featuring many perennials and specimen trees. The PGC members enjoyed watching the many butterflies sipping nectar from the large eight-foot-tall purple butterfly bush.

There were many bumble bees collecting pollen from the fragrant white sweet pepper bush or clethra, which is a native New England shrub. With the collapse of bee colonies nationwide, it is reassuring to see that Diane is doing her part to save the bees.

In this late summer garden, hummingbirds flutter around the red bee balm and the lavender garden phlox. This Blood Street property is currently for sale. The lucky buyer will be able to sit and relax on a beautiful deck and enjoy the sights and sounds of the lovely perennial gardens.

The second stop was at the garden of Lois Libby on Bancroft Street.

Here, the guests experienced an enchanting woodland with predominantly shade plants, garden ornaments, bird houses and benches. Lois collects hostas from tiny to very large.

She has plenty of varieties of hydrangea such as white, blue, pink and climbing hydrangea.


While admiring the arborvitae, rhododendron, perennial grasses and ferns throughout the property, there were several cute lawn ornaments welcoming guests to stop and enjoy. As with many properties in Pepperell, a giant rock sits in her backyard. But that did not stop Lois; she planted a woodland garden to accent the rock.

The last garden visited was at the home of Dianne Kazanjian on East Street. Dianne takes great pride in her variety of trees. Members strolled through her two-acre property learning facts about stewardia, exfoliating maples, umbrella pine with long soft needles, kousa dogwood, weeping beeches and a tri-colored beech. The rock walkways and rock walls that meander through the gardens were installed by her sons' company, Kazanjian Horticultural.

In one corner of the yard stands a tall seven-foot fence adorned with a collection of old bird houses, shovels, tools, signs and anything else Dianne could attach to the wood. It is so cute that guests just stand and gaze at the menagerie.

Dianne's seven grandchildren helped her design the adorable whimsical fairy garden. She is teaching the next generation of gardeners and future PGC members.

Pepperell Garden Club welcomes members and guests from all communities. Many members knew little about gardening when they joined but have learned a great deal since.

Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month from September through May. Delicious refreshments are always served. The annual dues are $15 for a year of great programs or come and pay a $5 guest fee ($2 seniors) for the evening's informative program.

For information, call PGC President Lisa at 433-3672.