Name: Mason

Occupation: Student

Why do you come to the library? It has activities during the summer, and because I love books!

What do you geek? Stuffed animals.

The Lawrence Library geeks stuffed animals, too! In fact, we have already hosted two sleepovers for stuffed animals, and this summer we will be having another!

If you drop off your stuffed animal by 4 p.m. on Thursday, July 18, it will be able to spend the night at the library, and you can pick it up the following day and see photos of all the fun they had.

To see pictures from our previous sleepovers, check Lawrence Library's Facebook page and Flicker account.

Those interested in making their own stuffed animals should take a look at "Knit Your Own Dog" by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, which includes patterns for 25 different dog breeds.

Younger stuffie-lovers will enjoy the "Knuffle Bunny" books by Mo Willems, which feature a young girl named Trixie and her beloved stuffed bunny. We also have the "Doc McStuffins" series on DVD, about a 6-year-old girl who has the ability to talk to stuffed animals and fix all their problems.

Older kids may get a kick out of the "Toy Story" movies, too. On the other end of the spectrum is Kevin Bolger's "Zombiekins," a chapter book about a seemingly innocent stuffed animal that unleashes a zombie plague all across the fourth grade!

The library can help everyone explore the things they geek.


For information, or if you are interested in being the Geek of the Week, stop by Lawrence Library.