Occupation: Substitute teacher/aspiring novelist

Why do you come to the library? To write and read stories.

What do you geek? Steampunk

The Lawrence Library geeks steampunk, too! To put it simply, "steampunk" is a genre of speculative fiction in which technology is powered by steam instead of electricity; cars, robots and calculators are all made of clockwork! The literature is often (but not always) set in a Victorian-style era and usually features cogs and gears as design elements. Steampunk culture has moved beyond literature and is now prevalent in fashion, art and music as well.

If you're interested in learning more about steampunk, you might want to pick up "Steampunk! An Anthology of Fantastically Rich and Strange Stories," for some short stories or check out the "Leviathan" series by Scott Westerfield for a grand adventure saga. We also have Alan's Moore's graphic novel, "The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen," which features nineteenth century fictional characters banding together to save the world. Don't have time to stop by? Kady Cross's "Steampunk Chronicles" series, which begins with "The Girl in the Steel Corset," is available as an ebook to download.

Those who prefer a more hands-on approach may enjoy "Steampunk Gear, Gadgets, and Gizmos: A Maker's Guide to Creating Modern Artifacts" by Thomas Willeford, which provides very detailed advice, ranging from scavenging through flea markets for materials to assembling your own lamp gun. Enthusiasts may want to show their steampunk love by looking to "Steampunk Your Wardrobe" by Calista Taylor; this title gives instruction on creating jewelry, accessories and clothing.


The library can help everyone explore the things they geek. For information, or if you are interested in being the Geek of the Week, stop by the Lawrence Library.