Name: Kat

Occupation: Youth Services Librarian

Why do you come to the library? I started coming to the library when I was little. I remember going to storytime with my Mom, and now I get to have storytime every week. It's hard to pick what I like the best about the library, because we have so much to offer. I'm one of those people who has a stack of books on her nightstand, so it's nice to have such a wide variety of titles to choose from, and it's hard to beat movie days and other events. There's always so much to do here!

What do you geek? Googly eyes

The Lawrence Library geeks googly eyes, too -- and all sorts of arts and crafts! During our Summer Reading Program, we will have a different craft every week that kids can either make here or take home, and while Jewelry Club is over for the summer, we have a few artsy programs coming up, like cupcake-decorating for middle and high school students on July 31. To see photos from past artsy events, like Fairy Day, please check our Facebook page.

If you're more interested in working on art projects at home, we have lots of books about the subject, ranging from books on arts and crafts in general to very specific topics, such as "The Star Wars Craft Book," which teaches you how to make your own Wookiee sock puppet. You can also visit our art gallery to see student artwork; after the art reception on June 29, it will be on display through August 23.

The library can help everyone explore the things they geek. For information, or if you are interested in being the Geek of the Week, stop by the Lawrence Library.