PEPPERELL -- Anthony Schuster, owner of the Ink Haus located in Lomar Park, appeared before the Board of Health this week to address his lack of an operating permit from the board for his tattoo business.

"I thought everything was all set and ready to go, but apparently not," said Schuster who thought that the board had copies of all his certifications and licenses.

According to Schuster, he had submitted all fees and paperwork through the Planning Department, but not to the Board of Health.

"What you'll have to do is set up an appointment to see Kalene and get all the paperwork that she needs to have from you, plus an inspection has to be done," said Chairman Alfred Buckley.

"I thought I had gone above and beyond taking care of everything," said Schuster.

"I can see that you do some good work," said board member Phillip Durno who urged having the board sign off on his permit within the week.

The board closed the complaint of an occupied trailer at 11 Leighton St. According to Health Agent Kalene Gendron, "No temporary housing may be used except with written permission of the Board of Health."

Yvette and Michael Dubreuil, owners of the property, said in a memo to the board, "We do not and have not had anyone living in our camping trailers."

In response to a citizen complaint regarding the location of a Dumpster at the intersection of Groton and Main Streets, the board agreed that it was likely an issue better handled by one of the other departments addressed in the complaint.


"I don't think that we should get involved unless requested to do so by our agent," said Durno.

"I agree," said Chairman Buckley.

The recent storm caused a number of trees to fall onto the fencing surrounding the Boynton Street Landfill site. Estimates for removal of the trees and repair of the fences totaled $3,915. The board agreed to table any decision to allocate funding until disposition of any insurance claim could be completed.

The board approved a Rubbish Collection Permit for Rubbish Services, LLC. The board also approved a Septic Upgrade Permit for 75 South Road.