PEPPERELL -- The Board of Health granted Thomas Greenaway of 141 Townsend St. an additional three months to complete Title 5 repairs to his failed septic system. The issue of the failed system has been before the board since May 2006 when the system was found to be in failure during a Title 5 inspection.

"We dug up the d-box. It was dry all the way down, but it's got water in it," said Greenaway who acknowledges that it was an "obvious fail."

"We're between a rock and a hard place. I'll assume you're gonna take care of it," said acting Chairman Philip Durno.

"We have to have something that says you're gonna do it immediately," he said.

Durno left open the possibility that the board would consider a further extension should the May 5 date require adjustment.

Board Secretary Sandra Grogan reminded the board that $1,231 remains in the equipment grant received from Region 2 a couple years ago. Grogan suggested that a portion of the funding be used to purchase a digital camera. Health Agent Kalene Gendron agreed that such a purchase would be a wise investment as in the past she has had to use her own personal camera equipment to take pictures of properties with sub-optimal results.

The board is anticipating a response from the DEP regarding a request made by the Town last year to reduce the volume of testing at the closed Boynton Street landfill. The request would result in a savings of $700 per year or approximately $9,100 over the next thirteen years, the length of time remaining for mandatory testing.


"It sounds like the ball in in their DEP court," said board member John Marriner.

"They're more than willing to work with us," said Grogan.

Health Agent Kalene Gendron advised the board that a complaint had been received on Dec. 11 regarding the storage of camping trailers at 11 Leighton St. Gendron explained that occupancy permitting is required for trailers on residential property.

"There may be some validity to the complaint" said Gendron who made a site visit recently.

Gendron noted that a police report indicated that at least one of the trailers was occupied. The board agreed to table discussion until the next meeting, as acting Chairman Durno recused himself from the discussion. With only two members present, no decisions could be made on enforcement.

Gendron also advised the board that she was contacting the new owner of a property at 37 Jewett St requesting that they conduct a Title 5 inspection of the septic system at that address. A Title 5 inspection was required prior to the sale of the property, however no documentation has been found that suggests it was ever done.

The board approved a rubbish-hauler permit for GW Shaw and Sons.