PEPPERELL-- Due to an error within the fulfillment house that Pepperell uses, residents have received a census return envelope addressed to Sturbridge.

Town Clerk Jeff Sauer said that the town is aware of the mailing house's error and it working with them to correct it.

To make the process of returning the census more efficient, Sauer is asking residents, as opposed to mailing them in, to submit their census in one of four drop boxes: Inside the Town Hall, the Police Station, the Pepperell Family Pharmacy and Donelan's.

Pepperell uses the same census mailing company as a number of towns, including Sturbridge.

According to the fulfillment house's estimates, about five percent of Pepperell residents received Sturbridge return envelopes. Sauer has confirmed about 25 percent of those residences.

For those particular residents to mail them back would be sending the census to Sturbridge. The town has been working with the mailing company to determine if they need to do a second mailings on Pepperell's behalf. The fulfillment house would presumably absorb the costs of such a measure, said Sauer.

Pepperell's concerns would be more logistical; it would take the town much longer to receive the town's census data. Additionally, second mailings could spark more confusion for residents who had already submitted their census.

"If people can cooperate by dropping them off and saving themselves a stamp, that helps us a lot with working on proper arrangements," said Sauer.