PEPPERELL -- The Board of Health exhibited restraint in their actions against the owner of 141 Townsend St. over a failed septic system. The septic system was determined to be in failure by a Title 5 inspection conducted on May 22, 2006.

"I haven't done anything as of yet," explained homeowner Thomas Greenaway.

"The whole system's in failure," said Nashoba Health Agent Kalene Gendron who reviewed the report.

"I haven't had an issue with the system," said Greenaway who suggested that heavy rain and flooding in Pepperell during the time of the inspection might have had an impact on the outcome.

"Over a certain amount of time we have to go further with it," explained acting Chairman Philip Durno.

Provisions of the Title 5 regulations require that the system be repaired within two years of the inspection.

The board agreed to allow Greenaway until Feb. 5 to get another Title 5 inspection performed before taking further action.

"I do not agree with the board's decision, but I will honor it," said Gendron.

The board approved a local upgrade permit for 6 Reed Road. Christopher Knuth of Geo-Services, LLC requested a variance allowing for a reduction in the water table depth standard of four feet to three feet.

"I see no reason to deny his request. He's satisfied all the criteria," said Gendron.

The board agreed to advise the Finance Committee that the town's landfill monitoring and testing fund would be inadequate by fiscal 2015 with only $1,490 projected to be remaining by that time.


Landfill testing at the closed Boynton Street facility costs the town approximately $8,000 per annum.

The board tabled discussion on the fiscal year 2014 budget until Jan. 11 due to the absence of board Chairman Alfred Buckley. The board has been asked to prepare 0 percent and one percent increase budgets for the Finance Committee by Jan. 18.

A new septic permit was approved for 40 Emerson Circle and well permits were approved for 136 South Road and 184 Hollis St.