By Katina Caraganis


TOWNSEND -- North Middlesex Regional School District Superintendent Joan Landers set high expectations for herself Monday night, as she laid out a slew of goals by which she will later be evaluated on by the School Committee.

They include master and strategic planning, maintaining positive momentum, and better budget management.

Landers, who is in her first year as superintendent of the district, is up for her annual evaluation this spring and will likely be evaluated using the evaluation through the new common-core curriculum.

The rubric for the review, Landers said, has 65 pieces of information that the committee can score her on, but board members can pick and choose which ones they use.

She said that when she worked in Wakefield, the School Committee used all 65 criteria to evaluate her.

Her goals include doing a thorough analysis of every school's data to look at ways to implement changes; creating a master plan for the committee on ways to close achievement gaps; performing an administrative review of the district's five-year strategic review; and doing a three-year financial outlook.

Also, she plans to implement the common-core curriculum from kindergarten through 12th grade; complete the feasibility study for the high-school project; and work on the accreditation issue at North Middlesex Regional High School.

Landers also plans to attend a four-day leadership conference with other superintendents from across the country to discuss making sustainable changes in a school district.


The committee unanimously approved all of the goals Landers set. She plans to report back to the board March 25 to show evidence of the progress she is making toward achieving the goals.

Also, committee members established goals to implement throughout the year, including helping with the three-year financial outlook; establishing a communications strategy to better relay information to parents and other community leaders; and maximizing their meeting time to focus more on student achievement.

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