By Emily Royalty

PEPPERELL--Elm Street and Jewett Street are currently closed due to fallen trees crossing over wires in the road. The incidents occurred last night during Hurricane Sandy's passage through Pepperell. National Grid is currently aware of both situations and will be working to resolve them today, according to Police Chief David Scott.

"Their (representative) was here this morning and said that they're going to be out today to handle public safety issues," said Scott.

Scott said the company will probably not get to power restoration today. As of around 10 a.m. Oct. 30, there were 91 residences without power. As of that time, said Scott, National Grid was not able to say when the clean-up from the storm would be completed.

Jewett Street and Elm Street are currently the only road closures in the town; River Road was closed last night but has been opened again as of this morning, said Scott; he said detour signs have been placed to navigate drivers away from the closed roads.

"There are other situations with trees hanging on wires over roads, but those have one lane passable," he said.

Scott said no incidents were reported in town that resulted in injury due to the storm, although some residents have suffered property damage.

"We did have a couple houses get hit with trees and one parked car get hit with a tree," said Scott.


In general, said Scott, he was happy that the storm didn't result in serious injuries or more damage to the town.

"I think we got lucky as far as the track of the storm," he said.

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