Are you “results driven” with “business acumen?” Do you have “excellent communication skills, both written and personal”?

Then you might want to consider applying to serve as the chair of the National Intelligence Council, a high-level job posted on the federal government's job listing website this week.

As chair, you'd lead a group of academics, policy makers and intelligence officials in advising the boss of our nation's intelligence communities, James Clapper, who is the director of national intelligence.

You'd help the director coordinate intelligence gathering among all of America's 17 spy agencies and issue reports like this one studying if freed detainees at Guantanamo Bay will engage in terrorism again.

Like we said, it's a pretty high-profile post that deals with lots of classified information. From the job listing:

The National Intelligence Council (NIC) consists of the most senior intelligence analysts supporting the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) in carrying out responsibilities as the head of the Intelligence Community (IC) and as the principal adviser to the President for intelligence matters related to national security.


It's an unusual entry in a job site that's known more for announcing more mundane positions such as a procurement analyst at the Department of Energy.

Still, the federal government posts all of its jobs that are (technically) open to the greater public on Sounds like this fits the bill – though you'll probably have to pass a pretty tough security clearance test to even be considered.