I moved to Harvard for the schools.

I also moved here because of the property values, its quaint town center, small-town values and the many scenic views. But it is the schools that keep me here for my three sons' education.

In case you haven't heard, Harvard has a pressing financial issue -- OPEBs (other post-employment benefits). This looming OPEB issue is going to affect our schools and therefore our property values if we don't make tough decisions and be prepared financially for what's coming down the road very soon. The issue is going to affect the finances of our town, and therefore the schools and our property values. I want my youngest son to benefit from Harvard's school system in nine years when he graduates, not just my oldest son in the next two years.

For this reason, I support Leo Blair for selectman. Harvard needs a smart business man who has his eyes on the financial health of Harvard, and I believe his priority is the school system in our town. We don't need dreams but solutions to our town's pressing issues. Let's keep our schools on the top of the state academic lists by providing them the financial support they need to succeed and therefore keep our property values strong and secure.