There is a clear need for a positive change in how the Shirley Board of Selectmen conducts its business. We strongly encourage individuals to consider being a part of this change by seeking election to the Board of Selectmen.

We believe that the current board members and individuals seeking election to the board should place a high priority on strengthening board operations. We support the need to develop and implement a framework for planning, management and accountability. Important actions include:

* Work together to annually identify the board's highest priorities and goals and to focus its energies on accomplishing these goals.

* Involve the community as well as staff in identifying program and management improvement goals.

* Communicate the board's annual priorities and goals to the community and staff, including a goal to improve customer service.

* Report to the community quarterly and annually on the progress in accomplishing goals.

* Clarify board leadership responsibilities and staff management responsibilities.

* Place a high priority on collaborative problem solving and decision making.

* Support staff and respect their dignity.

We encourage interested individuals to engage in this proposed process of change by considering running for election as a selectperson. Selectmen have a key leadership role in the future direction of our community.