Last week, I had the pleasure of witnessing another example of what makes Harvard such a wonderful community. On January 15, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical School received permission to participate in the renovation of a portion of the basement of The Bromfield School to become the new home of Harvard Cable TV. This enabled the project to begin as proposed to and approved by the Harvard Board of Selectman and the Harvard School Committee. The first phase was to clear the space which is currently used for storage by various members of the Bromfield community.

First, I would like to thank the members of the Bromfield administration and staff, especially the facilities management team, who have given HCTV the use of this space and found new homes within The Bromfield School for the items stored by several school related organizations and assisted in their relocation.

But what prompted this letter is an example of community spirit demonstrated by the members of the Lions Club who assisted with opening up the space by the removal of existing partitions. On very short notice, Nat Beal organized a group of volunteers lead by Mark Cooper who descended on Bromfield Saturday morning with tools in hand and by 11 a.m. deconstructed the partitions and loaded the debris into the awaiting dumpster. Between the frenzy and the dust and dust masks, I could not identify many of the fifteen or more volunteers; my thanks and the thanks of the HCTV committee to all of you. Your efforts mitigated the noise impact to the Bromfield community and allowed Monty Tech to begin construction work immediately.


Truly an example of community coming together.


Member, Community Cable Access Committee