What the heck is happening in Townsend?

Upon ready my Sixty-Plus News on Oct. 30, I found a very inappropriate and self-serving insert. It contained dire predictions on what could happen at the Senior Center if one did not vote yes for the override. No one signed this insert. Who paid for the printing and placing this insert in the News?

Then to add insult to injury, the seniors were offered a free ride to come on down and vote; guess how? Who is paying for this?

Am I as a taxpayer paying for the propaganda to vote against my interest? The water has been so muddied by this insert the selectmen should pull the plug on the override vote on Nov. 13.

If this farce is allowed to persist, I can only hope you will continue to vote NO on Nov. 13, for the third time.

Thanks for your attention to this matter. It is very sad that they had to frighten the seniors their play to get their way. As a senior myself, I resent being used as a pawn in their chess game!

Why is it they always picks on the most vulnerable population?