Ayer fall Town Meeting clearly answered the issue of whether Ayer voters should retain their right to elect Ayer's treasurer and tax collector. After vigorous, passionate debate, Town Meeting voted with resolve for a third time to preserve their 141-year legacy of electoral choice by retaining their right to vote by defeating Ayer Board of Selectmen-sponsored warrant articles to "abolish" this fundamental right.

Though Town Meeting said no to losing their right to vote, they never said no to improving their town government. Likewise, they never said no to working with others, including those on the opposite side of this issue, who will work as hard as they to improve Ayer. And for all of us, especially the fortunate few of us who serve Ayer, whether by election, appointment, or employment, we have a moral and ethical duty to improve Ayer in every way we can.

Ayer town government can be made stronger and better without abolishing our fundamental right to vote. And people of good will, who see as their first goal what is in Ayer's best interest, will find respectful, creative and cost-effective ways to improve our town. No matter the past, let's seize Ayer's future with vision and confidence in this place we call home.