I just learned in a story by the Lowell Sun of your "dying on the vine" critique of Ayer and Shirley.

I would like to know how you come to this conclusion? While every town has its problems, and we have our fair share, you obviously do not know our communities.

Yesterday, (Oct. 22) alone, Ayer was presented with a $3.2 million federal earmark for the construction of the Ayer Commuter Rail Trail Surface Lot. This is the culmination of many years of work by many dedicated citizens.

Also yesterday, at our fall Town Meeting, we overwhelmingly voted (the first of two votes needed) to support our efforts for a "new" high school. On Sept. 24, Shirley Town Meeting voted overwhelmingly in favor of this project as well. A very supportive group of citizens, as well as a School Committee and a ASRSD administration with the utmost commitment to our children, is leading the way for this truly fantastic project. This project not only shows our dedication to our children, it shows our resolve to build a better community for all of our citizens.

The above examples highlight just two of the many great things that are happening in our communities. They are a small reflection of the many wonderful things that happen daily.


These day-to-day things make our towns great and are made possible by many people that spend countless hours in support of our schools, our businesses and our neighbors!

So, if according to you, we are "dying on the vine," what are YOU going to do about it?

While I'm sure as a person running for state Senate you have some broad-based tax policy to help individuals and businesses, until you are a resident of either of our towns and participate in our elections, town government and committees, please keep your insulting opinions to yourself.



Dean Cavaretta is a Republican running for state Senate in the Mass. Worcester & Middlesex District.