Not long ago the three Rs referred to the academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. Now the expression has taken on the politically charged terms of redistribution, reform, and regulation. The results of this change are an exploding national debt, projected tax increases, poverty, and a stubbornly high unemployment rate. We face a 35 percent corporate tax rate, regulations that inhibit job growth in the private sector, and a sense of uncertainty. We may even be witnessing the destruction of the American economy. If we can lower the corporate tax rate and establish an economic plan, businesses can expand and the economy can grow. Added employees with discretionary income will further boost the economy and entrepreneurs will reinvest some of their profit to expand the business. A lower tax rate spread among more people allows the government to fund the public works which they claim we desperately need.

Jon Golnik, candidate for the Massachusetts Third District representative to the United States House of Representatives, emphasizes an independent Republican viewpoint. He wants to grow the economy rather than redistribute the wealth. He favors cutting the corporate tax rate to 25 percents balancing the budget via spending cuts not tax increases, and believes that job creation should be his top priority. As constituents we must remember that the representatives, whom we send to Washington, establish the checks and balances against runaway government spending.


We do not wish to follow the European model of failed economic, financial, and social dependency.

In contrast, Niki Tsongas marches lockstep with Nancy Pelosi approving all the negative policies which cause such pain for us. She favors tax increases on small business employers and voted for more government spending despite the failed stimulus package. She supports unsustainable spending increases. She loves the concept of government run health care that forces employers away from providing health care to their employees and toward paying the fine in Obamacare. Apparently she cares little about the consequences of high unemployment and the resulting poverty. Like the president Ms. Tsongas seeks revenge on the successful... They prefer to demonize and punish those who have the talent, knowledge, dedication, and gumption to risk their private equity in order to create the products and economic power which drive the country.

It is time to give Jon Golnik a chance to change these problems. Let's replace Niki Tsongas with a resilient, responsible and resolute Republican. Vote for Jon Golnik in November.