If you visit England anytime soon and see a lady on a street corner holding an upside down crown, toss in some change. She may need it.

Queen Elizabeth II is down to her last $1.6 million, according to a Jan. 27 report from the Commons Public Accounts Committee.

Boy, things sure have changed. Whatever happened to sending out a few thousand soldiers to plunder the countryside?

The Queen's reserve fund has fallen from £35million ($58 million) in 2001 to just £1million ($1.6 million) in 2014. The report states the royal family is “spending above their means and dipping into the reserves ... the balance now stands at an all-time low.”

You know, celebrities can make an awful lot of money doing those autograph shows ...

The report also says a number of palaces are in “dangerous or deteriorating” conditions. Forty percent of them, in fact, are “below acceptable standards.” Apparently the Queen knows there's an $82 million backlog in repairs due to tightened government funding.

That must be an awful feeling, knowing that 40 percent of your palaces need fixing up.

Taxpayers fund the royal palaces in Britain, comprised of more than 300 — 300! — buildings. In 2013, the public spent about £31 million ($51 million) renovating and operating the facilities.

According to E!, the report urged the treasury to “get a grip” and help the royal family to prevent “further damage and deterioration.”


Get a grip, indeed.

According to the report, royal staff members have been forced to catch rain in buckets to protect art and antiquities in some locations. Queen Elizabeth II's “antiquated” boilers are more than 60 years old.