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Designers have no quarrel with coral

Once again, all design- industry professionals waited for the announce- ment of Pantone's pick for Color of the Year for 2019. Pantone revealed its choice this week, and the award goes to Living Coral. Full Story
2nd 'Come Together' concert to boost youth music lessons
FITCHBURG -- A Beatles-themed charity concert at the end of the month aims to raise money for free or reduced-cost music lessons for students. Full Story

Hot Dogg!
If you keep up with Snoop Dogg at all, you know the rapper knows his way around the kitchen, especially since he has a cooking show with Martha Stewart, and she's way too legit to mess around with posers. Full Story

Pokemon fans will want to 'Go' get this one right away
Although it's no longer the phenomenon that defined a summer, "Pokemon Go" has settled into its own niche. Full Story

No business like snow business
With freezing temperatures and snow, of course, comes shoveling, plows and taking an extra couple minutes to put on layers before leaving the house. Full Story