Thank you, Townsend Police Officer Landi

Dear Townsend Chief of Police --

I am writing because of my experience of the outstanding professionalism and kindness of Officer James Landi back in November when I experienced a rather traumatic event while driving through Townsend. A truck came over the center line, headed straight toward me, and I was forced up on the sidewalk, which destroyed my front tire.

I was alone in the dark and cold rather shaken from the experience. Officer Landi arrived at the scene after my call and stayed with me until the situation was fully taken care of, very kindly listening to my story. He parked in a way that shielded my car from oncoming traffic, stood with me in a supportive and warm way while I waited for the AAA truck to come, assisted the tow truck driver and in general went above and beyond the call of duty to simply be a kind and supportive human being at a trying time.

My grandfather and uncle were both police officers in Albany, NY and thus my heart has a soft spot for the kind of police officer who is in that role because of his heart and desire to serve more than the power it gives to walk around with a gun and some authority. In these days when police are getting such bad press, I feel it deserves mention when such a shining example of a man is on the force.

Thank you so much for your attention.


I have shared this letter also with the Townsend paper. I hope the attention doesn't unduly embarrass Officer Landi and serves for people to know there' s a fine man helping to protect your community.

Jeannie Zandi

Loveland, CO

Donors made NRHS concert for seniors special

The NRHS Friends of Music and NRHS Music Department wish to thank the following businesses for their overwhelming and kind support which helped to bring holiday cheer this past season to the senior citizens of Bolton, Lancaster, and Stow:

Paisano's, Union Square Pizza, Market Basket, Hannaford's and Panera in Leominster; Bolton Orchards, Subway, and Classic's Pizza in Bolton; Roche Brothers in Acton; Stow House of Pizza and Shaws in Stow; Stop and Shop in Hudson; Trolley Stop in Lancaster; Shaws and Hannaford's in Clinton; the Rotary Club of Nashua Valley; Suzi from Maynard; and friends who have requested to remain anonymous.

The generosity of these local businesses and individuals provided veggie platters, soups, fruit salad, sandwiches, pizza, cookies, cupcakes, apple cider and bottled water for 160 seniors and students for a luncheon which followed a holiday concert on December 21, 2017, performed by the Nashoba Regional High School band and choir students for the seniors.

The concert gave the students an opportunity to perform for and meet and mingle with the seniors who reside in their school district. For the seniors, it provided a chance for them to enjoy the performance of the students for free during the more convenient daytime and to meet and mingle with the students who attend the high school.

NRHS Friends of Music and the NRHS Music Department want to thank all these local businesses and individuals for encouraging community togetherness and for being so open-handed with their donations. Both the NRHS students and the senior citizens of Bolton, Lancaster, and Stow benefited greatly from the generosity and support of our local community.

Thank you again!

Caroline Bianco and Paula Castner

on behalf of the Nashoba Regional High School Music Program and NRHS Friends of Music

Where were the Democrats on tax overhaul?

The US Congress passed the most comprehensive tax overhaul in years and the Democratic Party played no role in the process. There was a time, when they would have championed such a policy.  Sadly, this was not the case today.

Throughout most of American history, the Democratic Party has played the role of watchdog over American Capitalism, concerned that every working person received their fair share of the nation's prosperity. It never attacked the premise upon which that prosperity was built.

That changed in 1968 when the so-called new left made its entry into the Democratic Party. Grounded in Marxism, a quasi-religion, its members immediately evidenced the haughtiness and intolerance common to all self-appointed prophets. They transformed the Democrats from a participatory party into a revolutionary one, which meant no compromise.

Compromise is not possible for a party led by dogma. Marxists have more dogmas than the Vatican.

Marxist politicians are easily identified by five main tenants. First and foremost, that the financially successful achieved their status by exploiting working people. Second, that U.S. foreign policy has been contaminated by greed, rendering the United States responsible for all the problems in the world. Third, that police do not administer justice, their only role is to protect the interests of the propertied class. Fourth, marriage is an institution of repression, intended to suppress women, and pollute the minds of children with racist and gender stereotypes. Fifth, there is no need for free speech because the truth is self-evident, hence beyond the need for debate.

Marxism is an ideology rooted in cynicism, envy and hatred. It rejects democracy, liberty and most of all love. Though it claims otherwise, it has no scientific validity, it is just an opinion, a matter of preference, like choosing optimism or pessimism. Yet, this anachronistic belief system has stifled discussion in our colleges and universities and dead-locked our government. Make no mistake, it the cause of our extended national division.

Wherever Marxism has had influence its legacy has always been retarded economic growth, oppression and in some cases genocide, yet it is still promoted. Let?s hope that in 2018, the Democratic party will cast off this albatross, so they can return to their essential role as Capitalism's watchdog.

Dennis Galvin