My thanks to Bare Hill Rowing for offering the Learn to Row program for beginners this summer. I signed up and quickly gained a whole new respect for the sport!

Luckily we were afforded the opportunity to learn to row in boats that weren't tippy, because the experience on "graduation day" in the much narrower scull was a bit hair-raising!

Thank you Amanda and Emily for your excellent instruction as you patiently guided my progression!

My only disappointment was the need to drive to Boon Lake in Stow for the lessons as the powers that be in Harvard did not allow the lessons to be given on Bare Hill Pond. What a shame.

As residents of Harvard, we are very fortunate to have a lovely pond that is open to all town residents. Rowing should indeed be among the activities offered for us all to enjoy.

I look forward to further lessons next summer, hopefully, on Bare Hill Pond!

Willie Wickman