If you are still thinking about who to support in the Democratic primary, let us give you some information that may help you decide.

Steve Grossman is the candidate who ran a small profitable business for many years, one who installed real worker benefits including earned paid sick leave. He is viewed as a progressive owner who supports the needs of his workers.

As your state treasurer, he moved millions of state pension dollars from large Wall Street banks to local community banks for use by small businesses who needed loans to expand and hire more people. These loans helped many companies when money was tight, especially women-, minority- and veteran-owned businesses who felt shut out from big bank loaning efforts.

He also believes strongly in TRANSPARENCY and put the state's check book online. Today you can go on the web and see where much of your money is being spent. He worked to save you money by putting virtually all of the contracts managed by the treasurer out to bid. Saving money and ensuring the most qualified vendors won the work on your behalf. He also modernized the offices of the Lottery and the School Building Assistance Authority.

Steve, as your next governor, supports equal pay for equal work, equal advancement and a women's right to choose. The state's pension management board has even agreed not to invest in any company that does not have persons of color or women on the board of directors.


As governor, Steve supports universal pre-K, and making all school Digital Learning Ready by 2016. He supports expanding the role of the Voc-Tech schools to ensure people have the skills necessary to get the jobs of today and tomorrow. He also supports the efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and to make jobs available in the clean energy field. Lastly, he supports expanding the role of community hospitals and health centers, as well as wellness programs to lower health care costs and to have a more healthy population.

We support Steve and ask that you to join us in voting for him on Sept. 9 in the Democratic Primary.

John and Charline Oelfke